Just as I went to many schools, have lived in many places, I have had many work avatars.  My first job was at the Noyes Foundation, New York, as the Program Officer for Sustainable Agriculture, and then the Population Program that I transformed into the Reproductive Rights portfolio, with a new initiative on Gender and the Environment. This was way before these issues were mainstreamed.

I quit New York and philanthropy and moved to Iowa City and joined academia where I was granted tenure in the Women Studies Department.  I left my professorship to join the Ford Foundation in New York as the Program Officer for Reproductive Rights and Justice. I subsequently held the Women’s Rights Portfolio there. On completing my term I moved back to Calcutta.

I have authored books and papers on gender, development, race, social justice and women’s rights issues.  I have also written about my community, the Bagdadi Jewish community of Calcutta and curated www.jewishcalcutta.in a digital archive.

I spend much of my time in Calcutta, a city that has been home to me through all my wanderings. I still write and also have started painting.

For more information contact Jael at jsilliman55@gmail.com